NorthernRocks 2014: SOLO Workshop – Exploring the SOLO path

Another great #NRocks blog from @andyphilipday on ‘Exploring the Solo Path.’
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(The full powerpoint presentation used in the workshop is available at the end of this post)

The range of experience of SOLO taxonomy amongst attendees at the workshop put on by Andy Knill and myself at Northern Rocks 2014 yesterday was predictably varied and wide, from those seeking their initial induction to those who are leading training within their own schools and looking for where to take it next. What flowed throughout the room was a tangible current of enquiry and a seeking of effective tools of pedagogy. Things that work. Techniques that engage learners and promote their learning.

SOLO has its critics, and some are valid – largely in the way it is implemented at times. But that’s likely to be true of any development initiative. All that Andy and I can say – as did many others in the room – is that…

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