Reflections on @NRocks

Many thanks for writing this inspiring blog. We are so pleased that you had such a great day.


A truly amazing and inspiring day doesn’t do Northern Rocks justice. I am still excited and reinvigorated by the whole day and the sessions and today is Wednesday.  Ripples have spread through my classroom, across the MFL team and the school.  The three of us that attended had the best day – thank you. The drive back to Bristol was ‘buzzing’ and the two colleagues that came equally couldn’t stop raving about the day as they reflected back across the different sessions and workshops.

In @Hywel_Robert’s session he showed a similar image: yellow

making reference that to be an effective teacher you needed courage, brains and heart. This sums the sessions I attended at Northern Rocks up perfectly.

Session 1 – @Davewhitaker246 The Behaviour Debate.     This was an amazing session that spoke directly to my heart, gave me goosebumps and everything.  Dave spoke candidly about how they look after…

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